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new EPF agent message from gary

This is the new message from Gary

Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary  September 28

Finally the field ops are back!Here is what you have to do

step 1.Go to the EPF HQ

step 2.Accept the field op

Step 3.Go to the boiler room and stand where luckboy is standing.

Step 4.after you’re done a message from Gary will pop out



free item

The free item is just a background

step 1.go to ski village

step on the camera

enjoy your new background!


fall fair unlimited tickets cheat!

Step 1.Go to the dock

Club Penguin Blog: The Fair Is Here!

step the SPIN TO WIN game

step 3.when you finished all your spins a screen will come up like the one below

Club Penguin Unlimited Ticket Cheat!

step 4.then press the ”tab” button on your keyboard until the yellow box appears on the end game box for about 20 or 30 seconds.

step 5.Then click done

step 6.when you exit you will have 4000,2359,32434 etc. tickets



Awesome!The fair is FINALLY HERE!Here are the prize booth items.

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011 Party Cheats

and here is the new non-member items

Club Penguin New Prize Booth Items

Cool huh?Here are the member items

Here are the new ones too!

Club Penguin New Prize Booth Items

Cool new items with the glitch I can buy these prizes in about 30 seconds!

Can you?Leave a comment to let me know!!



Rockhopper spotted at sea!

Rockhopper is visiting club penguin again in his migrator with yarr!

And what will he bring us now?Hmm…Comment in the comments below for what you think!


fall fair sneak peek

Club Penguin has made a new blog post on their What’s New Blog! They have also updated a video to their youtube channel. This video is about the Fair 2011 party that is starting in just about a week! I’ll let you know right now, lots of new items are coming! That’s so exciting! You can watch the video below.

but if you’re thinking if there’s still a different video there IS!

if you click on the stadium…

it will lead you to the ”secret” video here it is down below

Wow!I can’t wait to try them out!What do you think?Comment below!


club penguin safe chat messages

Club penguin just updated the safe chat messages for the fall fair 2011.

here is a photo

And you can use these phrases at the fall fair when it releases!

Club Penguin Fair 2011 Safe Chat Messages

and comment below about your thoughts!



club penguin membership page updated for fall fair

Cp updated the membership page for the fall fair!

now check it out!

Club Penguin Membership Page Update

if you can’t read it and you don’t want to go to the site it says:

  • Step right up for the Great Puffle Circus- with an all new brown puffle act!
  • Play games and win prizes at the member only prize booth!
  • Race, crash, and cheer at the bumper car arena at the Stadium!
  • And coming in October:New spooky ghost costumes!And enter the Dark Chamber Maze if you dare…

club penguin new featured igloo

This is igloo looks like it’s for the fair made by the one and only:


Good job swimpink!And cool igloo!



we’re accepting AUTHORS!!1 AND ONLY CHANCE!

😀 Thanks for reading!


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