Dark Chamber walk through!

Hey guys there is a new maze in The Halloween party and it’s the DARK CHAMBER!

here’s the walk through

1.Go to the dark chamber path in the forest!(Note:This is only for members)

2.follow the colors that the small rocks poof out

3.go inside the dark room

this is how it will look like (if you are not wearing dark vision goggles)

and if you’re wearing the dark vision goggles here is how it will look like

But if you don’t have them pick up the storm lantern (from the cart)

4.do the maze then go to the next room.

5.do the next one too (but this time there will be no light AT ALL)

here is how the maze looks like(sorry i couldn’t put the whole screen!)

then you get to the monster making place!

then lastly get the free monster suit!

Cool party don’t you think?Comment in the comments!

~Blobedy bob!






About andrematthewlna

I like to play club penguin lego universe and lots of other MMOGs and MOGS (meaning of MMOG: Massive Multiplayer Online Games) (meaning of MOG:Multiplayer Online Game)

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  1. Hey CoolDude! It’s me, Vietpride28. I was just wondering if you would like to become a writer on my site. If not, that’s fine. Please reply and send an email to puppyblue28@yahoo.com OR comment on one of my posts on my site.
    Waddle on!

  2. Okay. Just don’t forget that when you write, you put Club Penguin first in the title. For example, Club Penguin Christmas Party or Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt. And write with proper grammar and correct spelling. Do not post anything other than posts, and don’t make any pages unless I approve of it. I will add you now, and have fun blogging on my site! 🙂

  3. Start posting by introducing yourself and your penguin. 🙂

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