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Club Penguin EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy – November 24, 2011

All EPF Agents, check your Spy Phones quick! Today, Jet Pack Guy has sent a new message to our Spy Phones. This message briefly talks about Herbert and it is a check up on him. You can look at the full message below:

Club Penguin EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy   November 24, 2011

It reads:

“Update: Just checked on Herbert. The extra heat on the island hasn’t affected the Air Conditioner 3000. He is still safely secured.”

Hmm i wonder if  Herbert is ever going to escape? Let me know in the comments!



New card jitsu party safe chat messages

Club Penguin has changed the safe chat phrases to Card Jitsu! Club Penguin changes these phrases every party for you to say something in relation to it. Check the new messages out below.

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party Safe Chat Messages


New club penguin homepage

Club Penguin has changed the theme of the homepage screen! This new homepage screen is for the Card Jitsu party, and represents everything that is happening at the party! Check it out below.

Club Penguin Homepage Screen

A cool new feature that Club Penguin has added is the length time of the party. If you don’t know how much it will last, you can check it out now!


Club penguin newspaper 318

Today, Club Penguin has released another issue of their weekly newspapers. This newspaper issue is #318. This issue talks about the Card Jitsu Party, and the theme of it which is Fire VS. Water. The issue is below:

New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #318

New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #318

The Upcoming Events are below:

New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #318

  • Starting Now – Battle of the Ancient Shadows
  • Starting December 1 – New Pin
  • Starting December 1 – December Penguin Style Catalog
  • Starting December 8 – Snow and Sports Catalog

I think this issue of the newspaper is great! It goes into full detail about the Card Jitsu Party, and what activities you’ll find there.

Anyway Have a great day!


Club penguin card jitsu party GUIDE 2011!

Hey penguins! Have you noticed that the card jitsu party has started? Yes? Well here’s the guide!

First is the free items (Members and Non-members)

The two free items are the fire headband and water headband.

Go to the town for the fire headband.

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

Now we move on to the water headband,Located at the Plaza.

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

At the Snow Forts, there is a secret passageway into the Ninja Headquarters room, for the water side. To get into the Ninja Headquarters from fire, go to the Dock.In this room, you can battle with other penguins by hitting the targets! You can either be Fire or Water, and if you win, you receive a prize! The prize you will receive is the Water Training Plates or Fire Training Plates, it depends which side you were on. (This free item is for members only)

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

I don’t have much time to show you the fire training plates but you get the idea.

Anyway, Wear these training plates with a matching headband then dance. You will do a special dance.

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

There are also some new easier ways to get to the ninja hideout. You can get there by going to the snow forts

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

Club penguin even added a NEW card jitsu game.

Club Penguin 2011 Card Jitsu Party Cheats

The element with the most penguins standing on it it will unleash. There is nothing else i can show for today but in other posts! C ya!

~Cooldude3244 and the teamcpcheatsandcodes crew 😉



New Club Penguin Field Ops #57

Club Penguin has released a new Field Ops. This Field Ops is #57. To begin this Field Op, you must go to the EPF Command Room. To your right, you will see a blinking yellow sign that reads “Field Ops.” Click on that and Gary will give you instructions:

New Club Penguin Field Ops #57   November 24, 2011

To find this Field Op, go to the Dock by the hot sauce in the lava:

When your spy ohone starts ringing click on it.

It will start the mission here it is

New Club Penguin Field Ops #57   November 24, 2011

Then gary will send you a meassage and you will earn a medal!

New Club Penguin Field Ops #57   November 24, 2011

“Excellent work Agent! According to the data you collected, your Spy Phone should be functional in temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Kelvin. This is very valuable data. I must speak with Sensei about acquiring more lava in the future.” 

I think this field op was going to be hard but it was easier than i expected. What do think of this field op? Comment in the comments!


To keep you updated

Hey guys as you can see i haven’t been posting lately so i will be posting soon! C ya!



Exclusive: Club Penguin 2011 Holiday Party Room and items

Hello Penguins!

If you remember a couple of months ago, Club Penguin release a comic maker where you can add a room in Club Penguin and add penguins of your choice and make a comic. But if you enter the comic maker, looks like Club Penguin has already added the rooms from this years Holiday party!

Check out all these Images of the party!


Amazing right! They almost redecorated the whole party! That’s not all that I found, it looks like I found new items Club Penguin might give out during the party and a non-member item that is Christmas lights wrapped around your penguin, check it out!

My favorite is that snowflake costume! Super New? Comment Below.

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