Club Penguin Field Ops #56 Cheats

Club Penguin has released the new Field Ops! This one is number 56. To start off, Club Penguin Cheats will be giving you a tutorial on how to complete this Field Ops mission. Follow the steps and you will receive a medal!

Click on your spy phone and head over to the EPF room.

Go right to the Field Ops screen.

Click “Accept” to Gary’s message on the screen.

Head over to the Cove by using your map, and go to the place as in the picture below.

Club Penguin Field Ops #56 Cheats

Click “Engage” to start the Field Ops mission. This one will be about finding symbols in a limited amount of time. This one may be tricky, agents!

Club Penguin Field Ops #56 Cheats

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Field Ops #56. You have received a medal and a message from Gary will appear.

Club Penguin Field Ops #56 Cheats

Let us know in the comments if you think this Field Ops was easy or not. The field ops were easy for me!



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