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cool new cheat

Today i logged onto clubpenguin and when i went to the town, i saw a bunch of fire ninjas and found fire falling from the sky like that effect from the card jistu party. Take a look:


What do you think. Do you think its a glitch or do you think when ever theres alot of fire ninjas at the town there would be fire falling from the sky. Tell us what you think below.



New epf message from gary

New unlock codes and new items from the 12 free gifts!

Hey penguins! I was researching on ”free codes on club penguin” and i saw the old ones like ”freehood” etc. Anyway, I found new codes and decided to try them out. So the first one is

MMCODE12 This will unlock a guitar shirt.

The next code is MMCODE11 It unlocks either 500 coins or 2,500 i dont know

and the next code MMCODE13 what unlocks 2,500 or 500 coins like i said above i dont know.

And the total of your coins is………………………………………………3,000 NEW COINS!!! :D


And we also have the new gifts and they are the gigerbread cookie costume and the holiday magic background.

P.S. this is a seperate post AWESOME 2 POSTS IN 1!!


What do you think of club penguin for doing this? Comment in the comments!


new gift of december 23

Club penguin holiday party walkthrough

Hey penguins! As you know, the club penguin IS FINALLY HERE!!

Now let’s start this!

Okay, Now first is the free items, 

The first one is in the box with #14 on it. It’s called ”The Jingle Bell”

Now we have the newly released, ”Holiday Tree Background” !!

We also have the EXCLUSIVE SPIRAL HAT!!

You can send a mail like this

Then it will appear like this in you mailbox

After that, click on it and it will look like this.

A message will appear saying, you found a springy santa hat would you like to pick it up? Click yes, Then put it on you, it will look like this!

Now, let’s move on to the member stage. If you go to the Bakery, you can collect a free Deluxe Gingerbread House and pick up a free cooking serving apron! The apron is located next to the Staff exit and the new igloo is located next to the cookie count inside the “Gingerbread Igloo” microwave.

This is a pic for where to get a uniform.

This is how it will look on your penguin

You can also get a free gingerbread igloo!

And thats almost it but it is too long sorry. Anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

~ Cooldude3244 wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



new club penguin pin

Hey penguins remember i haven’t posted in a while? Well here’s the reason why: My mom said i wasn’t allowed on the computer until December 14th and now I’m back!

Anyway, We have a new pin out and it is a reindeer pin check it out!

What do you think of this new pin? Comment in the comments!



New post from clubpenguins site

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. It’s time for another Reviewed by You! Last time I asked what you love to draw most. I liked Gougouboy’scomment:

I would prefer to draw a group of penguins donating coins to the coins for change at Christmas cause me personally i find it very generous and it would really make them feel happy!!
Waddle on cp you guys rock 😉
Thanks! You rock, too. 🙂
As you know, Coins for Change is just around the corner, and many of you are saving up your coins to donate. With all the different things to do on the island to earn coins, I’d like to know… What is your favorite way to save up coins in Club Penguin? 
I’ll randomly pick one of your comments to feature on our next Reviewed by You blog post. If your comment is featured, you’ll even get a 10,000 coin prize added to your account! That should help with Coins for Change coming up soon… 😉
Waddle On!

New video made by clubpenguin

New Home screen

The new home screen is for getting ready for the coins for change party.

What do you think about it. Put your comment below.



Hey guys rockhoppers in the telecope just in time for the holiday party 2011! Ican not get a picture right now but i might soon! For proof look in the telecope on the beacon!

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