Club penguin holiday party walkthrough

Hey penguins! As you know, the club penguin IS FINALLY HERE!!

Now let’s start this!

Okay, Now first is the free items, 

The first one is in the box with #14 on it. It’s called ”The Jingle Bell”

Now we have the newly released, ”Holiday Tree Background” !!

We also have the EXCLUSIVE SPIRAL HAT!!

You can send a mail like this

Then it will appear like this in you mailbox

After that, click on it and it will look like this.

A message will appear saying, you found a springy santa hat would you like to pick it up? Click yes, Then put it on you, it will look like this!

Now, let’s move on to the member stage. If you go to the Bakery, you can collect a free Deluxe Gingerbread House and pick up a free cooking serving apron! The apron is located next to the Staff exit and the new igloo is located next to the cookie count inside the “Gingerbread Igloo” microwave.

This is a pic for where to get a uniform.

This is how it will look on your penguin

You can also get a free gingerbread igloo!

And thats almost it but it is too long sorry. Anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

~ Cooldude3244 wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!




About andrematthewlna

I like to play club penguin lego universe and lots of other MMOGs and MOGS (meaning of MMOG: Massive Multiplayer Online Games) (meaning of MOG:Multiplayer Online Game)

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  1. Hey dude i made a app. Want me to make u one? Its your site i will make the app of. Reply back if u wanna or if u wanna make it yourself go here go if u wanna make one!

  2. theclubpenguincode

    Cool walkthrough!

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