Monthly Archives: February 2012

The final author

hello guys i know i now own the site now so im gonna fix it up so its alot neater!



ok guys im really disappointed to say this but.. I have to quit this website because i have been playing other games and being busy I might come back on posting but ¬†for now.. :”( goodbye for the last time (or the first time because i might come back) I have stopped posting because im kinda lazy to and i forget about here so goodbye penguins. And I can’t make anymore screenshots because my screenshot tool got broken too. So this is the final goodbye… PEACE!

-Goodbye guys! Cooldude3244

Im quitting this site

Im sorry but I am very busy and i have to quit this site. I have not been posting here and i am disapointed of my self. If you want to meet me or say hi, find me on club penguin or comment at my site at Bye guys!


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