April 2012 LATE paychecks and GLITCH of paychecks!

Hey penguins as you know we didn’t get the paychecks a few days ago witch was weird because now we have them. Why do you think cp sent us the letters late? comment below! Here are some pictures of the new postcard sent to me yesterday. There is also a glitch that my  epf check wasn’t there because I checked here are some pictures

 my tour guide check

But the next one wasn’t my epf message!

What do you think happened? Did I do something wrong on the epf? Did herbert cancel our paychecks? Comment again NOW!



About andrematthewlna

I like to play club penguin lego universe and lots of other MMOGs and MOGS (meaning of MMOG: Massive Multiplayer Online Games) (meaning of MOG:Multiplayer Online Game)

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