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My new comics made by me!

Hey guys! I have started making club penguin comics! I have made some short ones for the marvel superhero takeover.

My first comic:

My second comic:

What do you think of my comics? Comment now!


Superhero takeover cheats 2012

Hey penguins! As many of you know There is a MARVEL superhero takeover going on and I will be showing you a guide for it.

When you log in to Club Penguin A notification will pop up and it will tell you if you want to become a Hero,Villian or an ordinary citizen. You can become a Hero or a Villian if you are a member. But you can become a citizen if you are a member or a non-member. Here is how the notification I was telling you about looks like.

selectyourside-420x264.jpg (420×264)

Now we move on to the Free Items. At the gift shop you can obtain the mine helmet.

And at the pizza parlor now known as the bank, You can get a free Money bag if you want to become a robber.

moneybags.jpg (450×347)

And you can get a press conference background at the Coffee Shop.

and if you want to be a robber you can get the Mug shot background at the stage, Now turned into a high tech Prison.

There are also new catalogs! There are no cheats in them though, But the costumes are awesome! Take a look!

Superhero/Supervillian costumes catalog:

There is also a catalog for everyone! Some rare items have returned too!

And we also have the battle for true heroes and villians

The MARVEL superhero takeover destructo bot battle (Members only)

Be ready for a battle heroes!

Long time no see…

Hey penguins, it’s been a LONG time since I have posted.. It’s been around already more than a MONTH. I better update this. I also need to get authors. Please if you want to become an author please go to the become an author page thank you.


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