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New field op!

Hey penguins! Club penguin recently released a new field op. G is informing us about it. Here is the message:

The field op is located at the mine! If you don’t know where in the mine here is the place:

These are the instructions:

This is what the Protobot 10,000 will say when you complete the field op:

Hmmm.. What does this mean? Why does the protobot keep on attacking? Do you know? Well if you do, COMMENT NOW!




Hello penguins! I recently visited club penguin and I saw the plaza,town and forest getting ready for it I also found the new pin! Here take a look.

The new pin is hidden at hidden lake! 😀 lol! It is a dubstep puffle.

The Town

The plaza

The forest

Pretty cool right? Since dubstep is very popular I think they decided to make a pin! Oh, and did you notice the posters? What do you think they’re for? I think they are for the “Ultimate Jam”. What do you think they’re for? Comment now below!

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