New field op!

Hey penguins! Club penguin recently released a new field op. G is informing us about it. Here is the message:

The field op is located at the mine! If you don’t know where in the mine here is the place:

These are the instructions:

This is what the Protobot 10,000 will say when you complete the field op:

Hmmm.. What does this mean? Why does the protobot keep on attacking? Do you know? Well if you do, COMMENT NOW!




Hello penguins! I recently visited club penguin and I saw the plaza,town and forest getting ready for it I also found the new pin! Here take a look.

The new pin is hidden at hidden lake! 😀 lol! It is a dubstep puffle.

The Town

The plaza

The forest

Pretty cool right? Since dubstep is very popular I think they decided to make a pin! Oh, and did you notice the posters? What do you think they’re for? I think they are for the “Ultimate Jam”. What do you think they’re for? Comment now below!

My new comics made by me!

Hey guys! I have started making club penguin comics! I have made some short ones for the marvel superhero takeover.

My first comic:

My second comic:

What do you think of my comics? Comment now!

Superhero takeover cheats 2012

Hey penguins! As many of you know There is a MARVEL superhero takeover going on and I will be showing you a guide for it.

When you log in to Club Penguin A notification will pop up and it will tell you if you want to become a Hero,Villian or an ordinary citizen. You can become a Hero or a Villian if you are a member. But you can become a citizen if you are a member or a non-member. Here is how the notification I was telling you about looks like.

selectyourside-420x264.jpg (420×264)

Now we move on to the Free Items. At the gift shop you can obtain the mine helmet.

And at the pizza parlor now known as the bank, You can get a free Money bag if you want to become a robber.

moneybags.jpg (450×347)

And you can get a press conference background at the Coffee Shop.

and if you want to be a robber you can get the Mug shot background at the stage, Now turned into a high tech Prison.

There are also new catalogs! There are no cheats in them though, But the costumes are awesome! Take a look!

Superhero/Supervillian costumes catalog:

There is also a catalog for everyone! Some rare items have returned too!

And we also have the battle for true heroes and villians

The MARVEL superhero takeover destructo bot battle (Members only)

Be ready for a battle heroes!

Long time no see…

Hey penguins, it’s been a LONG time since I have posted.. It’s been around already more than a MONTH. I better update this. I also need to get authors. Please if you want to become an author please go to the become an author page thank you.



Hey penguins, sorry for not catching up lately. Anyway Happy77 posted a video on the club penguin blog check it out!


New club penguin earth day 2012 login screen

Hey penguins!,

Since Earth day is coming up club penguin decided to update their login screen! Check it out!

As you can see in the picture there are some new costumes like the Emperor penguin costume and the Lion costumes! And the background looks like a place in the jungle or something.

What do you think about this earth day party? Comment now!


New field op #77

Hey penguins!

As you know the new field op has been released and im here to guide you on it.

First go to the command room and accept the field op by clicking on the yellow screen here is what G is ordering you to do:

If you cant read it it says:

We’ve tried twice to lure Herbert out of hiding, using EPF secrets and technology. This week, we’re going to try something drastic. Here are your orders. Find a computer outside of our headquarters, Break into EPF security, and leave the computer unattended.

Click accept field op then go to the recycling room and go to the computer. Then your spy phone will ring and turn green. 

In this mission we need to decrypt the passcode. Match the shape on the right to decode the security but there is a time limit! Only 30 seconds! Be quick! 

When you are done with this field op you will recieve a message from gary the gadget guy and earn an epf medal!

Here is the message:

And if you can’t read it it says: Well done Agent! Breaking through EPF security is no easy matter, but I’m not surprised you had the skill to do so. Don’t worry about a security breach. I’ll be watching that computer closely. If anyone tries to access EPF files, I’ll shut it down.

I wonder why G would say something like that the part when he says “I’m not surprised you had the skill to do so.” He would usually congratulate us. He would NEVER leave the computer on for anyone to use it either. I have a sense that Herbert may be doing this or maybe that G is working WITH Herbert! What do you think of this? Comment now!!


April 2012 LATE paychecks and GLITCH of paychecks!

Hey penguins as you know we didn’t get the paychecks a few days ago witch was weird because now we have them. Why do you think cp sent us the letters late? comment below! Here are some pictures of the new postcard sent to me yesterday. There is also a glitch that my  epf check wasn’t there because I checked here are some pictures

 my tour guide check

But the next one wasn’t my epf message!

What do you think happened? Did I do something wrong on the epf? Did herbert cancel our paychecks? Comment again NOW!


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