Club penguin EPF agents! New message from jetpack guy!

Hey penguins! Today, I logged in and I saw my spy phone blinking so I clicked on it and this is what it said.

If you can’t read it says Whoa! Hey everyone, sensors just start picking up some weird energy readings. Is there another Meteor or something nearby?

Hmm jetpack guy is picking up some readings! Could this be the protobot’s work? Or Herbert’s? Comment now and share your thoughts!



Club penguin furniture catalog cheats August 2012

Hey penguins! New furniture, New party, New styles! Club penguin has A LOT planned for us this year! They just released a new catalog! Fortunately club penguin has 2 hidden items for us this month. They are based on fruits because of the new “Fruit party”. I will give you the cheats for this fruitful catalog.

To get the hidden items, click the parts Monchocho encircled for you.

I like all these items! I think they are  awesome! What do you think of these items? Comment now!


~~Credit to Monchocho for the pics~~

Rockhopper returning to club penguin!

Hey penguins! Rockhopper is here once again and he seems to have some plants along with him if you check in the beacon,here is a screenshot I took of him.


What do you think Rockhopper and Yarr are bringing along? A squid? Some plants? Comment below now!


New club penguin field op #93 cheats

Hey penguins! Field ops are out again and Club penguin released a new field op! G assigned this mission to us:


If you cant read it says: Our security sensors are picking up strange energy readings from somewhere close to the EPF. Something powerful is getting close. Sweep this side of the island, and try to scan for the energy source.

Now, the area for this mission is at the beacon near the telescope so you just waddle over to the box near the telescope.

And here are the instructions

And once you complete the field op, G will reward you with one medal and will give you a message


If you can’t read it it says: Excellent work agent! You’ve pinpointed the source of the strange energy I detected… It’s coming from the Migrator. I’ll contact Rockhopper immediately. Whatever it is, it might not be dangerous, but we’re not taking any chances.

What did you do with your medal? Comment now below!


New club penguin banana pin!

Hey penguins! Cooldude3244 here and when I was waddling around the coffee shop today I found this: A new banana pin!

It’s at the bush on the left side of the coffee shop


While I was picking it up I noticed it was called a “banana peel”


I think I know why the banana peel is the new pin, I think it is the new pin because it has something to do with fruits and that the new party is the FRUIT PARTY! What do you think? Comment now and share with us!


Club penguin short now in ENGLISH!

Hey guys! That’s right, the rockhopper and squid club penguin short is now in ENGLISH! 😀 here it is:

 Now I understand what they are saying! It’s pretty cool. What do you think? Let me know in the comments


Club penguin brings back Team Red vs. Team Blue play

Hey penguins! Cooldude3244 here again! And CP brought back the Team red vs. Team blue play and the catalog too! There is currently only 1 item hidden.

The hidden item is the director’s hat. (Picture taken from

All you have to do is click the beak of the referee. The thing I like about this play is the moose head. What do you like about this play? Comment below now!



New club penguin short Rockhopper vs. Giant squid (Spanish)

Awesome! I like the whole thing! And I know what you’re thinking, Why is it not in ENGLISH? I think the club penguin team decided to do something other language for a change but they might translate it into english soon. What do you think? Comment now!


Club penguin UK innocent smoothies video

Hi penguins! Sorry for not posting for a few days…. I need authors! Well anyway, Club penguin posted this video a few days ago.

It’s about innocent smoothies and possibly, the upcoming FRUIT PARTY! I took some screenshots while watching the video.. I saw some posters about the fruit party like one from here…. (Pics taken and owned from 

A check list for the upcoming adventure party and fruit party

Poster of some sort of pineapple igloo

There is also a straberry costume for possibly the fruit/adventure party.

And later you can see a game being tested and it seems to be using fruits and might be for the party.


Yes, I bet you guys are wondering what is this “fruit party”? I think it will be replacing the adventure party but I was wrong. It is going to BE during the the adventure party since I saw club penguin’s blog post called What’s New in august 2012? And they posted a few screenshots for us and also during the video.blog_20120801.jpg

I think I see Herbert on the right drinking something… What do you think he’s up to? What do you think will be the name of the game being tested? Will you buy the possibly released costume? Comment now!


Sorry for not posting in about a month…..

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a month. It’s because my internet connection wasn’t really working. It was really laggy, too.

Anyway, Here are the latest penguin style cheats. I will post some more.

Penguin style catalog cheats August 2012

These are the hidden items in the treasure book right now and so far there is only 1.

These are the hidden items! The item you need to click on is the peach penguin’s headband.

There are also new backgrounds!

The new backgrounds are cool! I like the Ancient Cavern the best! What is yours? Comment below now!





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